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Serving of Industrial Pumps

Steel Pickling Plants
    Pickling Acid Recirculation , Rinse recirculation Spent/waste acid transfer, fresh acid transfer.  
Acid Regeration Plats
    Concentrated Waste Pickle Liquor, Pickle Liquior, and fresh acid transfer.  
Pesticide /& Insecticide Plants
    Various kind of toxic & hazard chemicals with or without slurries.  
industry served  
Caustic Chlorine Plants
    Hcl Loading/unloading, chloride destruction, anolyte blowdown, drying tower.  
Dyes and Intermediates Plants
    Acidic chemicals with slurries, filter press applicatication.  
Pharmaceutical and Bulk Drug
    pure to slightly contaminated, toxic, explosive or environmentally harmful media such as acids, alkalis and solvents.  
    Industrial waste water treatment (ETP) , Scrubber recirculation.